Martin Simmonds Artist & Illustrator


Martin Simmonds is an artist and illustrator, currently working on Death Sentence, an ongoing monthly series from Titan Comics, with MontyNero.

Simmonds has contributed artwork to the Image series LIMBO and illustrated a standalone Beast Wagon Tails strip for Starburst Magazine. He was the artist and co-creator of post-superhero thriller series, Eponymous, which was serialised in VS Comics, as well as acting as one of the primary artists for bumper zombie anthology Dead Roots.

Simmonds contributed to Markosia’s Tales of Discord: Solaris & Moonshadow graphic novel, and collaborated with P M Buchan on the extreme horror strip, All Roads Lead To Hell, in Disconnected Press’ Disconnected Volume 2.

Speaking of Death Sentence: London, Buzzfeed called it “The best British comic in years” and Pop Matters said it was “quite possibly the most important work of 2015”

Bleeding Cool said that Death Sentence: London featured “A Hieronymus Bosch vista of angry disenfranchised ‘yoof’, beautifully illustrated by Martin Simmonds,” and Newsarama said: “Martin Simmonds’ artwork reminds me of a cross between Tony Harris and Phil Noto, feeling both realistic and painterly at the same time.”

Big Comic Page said: “Martin Simmonds’ artwork really is stellar here, with clean sharp lines and a colour palate that manages to jump off the page and give a kinetic energy to the book that fits with the stylings of the plot.”

Graphic Policy said: “The art by Martin Simmonds, just pops off the pages, both elegant and realistic in his renderings of the various characters that make up this world. They feel more like matte paintings than comic book panels at times and that is definitely a good thing.”

Warped Factor said: “Simmonds is ridiculously good… rendering a world torn apart by politics and people power, and bringing a gritty wonder to the whole thing that leaves you conflicted as to whether to turn pages to see what’s next or gaze drooling.”

Comic Buzz said: “Martin Simmonds’ painted artwork here is a major selling point of this book. Where most average painters good enough to get work in the medium can sell colour and mood and make for pretty pictures, he does all this and also has all the tools needed for a brilliant sequential artist.”

Reviewing the first Eponymous collection, The Reluctant Geek said : “Every single panel looks like it is straight out of a blockbuster,” Nerd Like You said : “Simmonds’ style really makes the comic feel cinematic and I can’t help but gush over how amazingly detailed the characters are.”

Geek Chocolate said: “Eponymous is one of those comic books that immediately punches you in the face with its stunning artwork. Beautifully rendered by Martin Simmonds… every panel is cinematic in style.”